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This screen contains all of the Router's basic setup functions. Most users will be able to use the Router's default settings without making any changes. Click the Apply button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.
Firmware Version:  

  v1.2, Oct. 23, 2002 

Time Zone:      
    Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes.

  MAC Address: 00:06:25:0F:7C:B0
Host Name:  

    Host and Domain settings may be required by your ISP.

Domain Name:  


 Configuration Type:       Select the type of connection you have to the Internet.

   LAN   MAC Address: 00:06:25:0F:7C:B0
IP Address:  

   . . .   This is the IP address and Subnet Mask of

Subnet Mask:  

     the Router as it is seen by your local network.

   Wireless   MAC Address: 00:06:25:0C:48:AA
  SSID:   SSID Broadcast: 
  Channel:   ( Regulatory Domain: US )
  WEP:          Enable  Disable