Wipe and Type
The SonicWall way to a manual Re-store

    "Wipe and Type" Is Sonicwall's Lingo for a full reset
    and re-installation of its firmware.
    Some reasons (but not limited to) for doing so might be :
      - Corrupted Firmware
      - 2 to 3 Hop Jump to newly Updated firmmware version-
         with odd reprocusions ?
      - Password Lock-out
      - Unsolved network problem
    Or any reasons when basic troubleshooting has not resolved an issue.

    FIRST: The Preperation

      Step One: Back up the current settings
        -Tools >> Preferences >> Export >>Saves file as .EXP

      Step Two: Back up the current settings to a wordpad file
        -Tools >> Diagnostics >> Tech Support Report >> Saves file as .WRI

      Step Three: Visually Back up the current settings
        -Take Screen shots of any pages !

      Step Four: The SET-Up Tool

      Step Five: The firmware itself
        -Log into MySonicwall.com- Choose software Downloads
        -Have the current firmware downloaded and the newest available !
        --Saves as .BIN extension

    NOTE: Steps 1-3 are to be done based on user need
    NOTE: Re-Importing the "Export file" may carry the original problem with it !


      Step One: Un-Plug the SonicWall

      Step Two: Press and hold the Reset Switch and then Re-Plug the SonicWALL.

      Step Three: Once the Test LED starts to flash, let go of the Reset Switch.

      Step Four: The Test LED flashes for approximately 90 seconds while the firmware is erased. After completing the diagnostic sequence, the Test LED stays lit, indicating that the firmware has been erased. It is normal for the Test LED to stay lit after erasing the firmware. It does not go off until the firmware is re-installed

    THIRD: The Firmware RE-Install

      Step One: Run the Set up tool   (See image on Right)
        It should display the SNWL at its default setting of (with erased firmware)
        Use the Set First un-configured Address
        To change it's Lan ip to its previous setting

      Step Two:Open Browser and type Lan IP of SonicWall

        It should give you a display page saying
        "The Current Firmware...."(See image on Right)
        Choose the browse option to find the .BIN file
        that you downloaded from Step 5
        Choose Upload now.

      Step Three: Again run the Set up tool
        It will once again set the SonicWall to defaults of
        Again use the Set First Un-configured Address
        To set as your network dictates

      Open Browser and type Lan IP of SonicWall
      End the wizzard !!!!
      User Name is admin---Password is password

Click Images to Enlarge

    LASTLY: Re Deployment of the Sonicwall

      You now have cleanly installed the firmware on your appliance
      You then should:
        Manually re-enter the settings that your SonicWall used to have by either

        -Relying on your memory
        -Look at the screen shots you took
        -Open the .wri file you saved, to see those settings in Word-Pad or.....
        -RE-IMPORT the EXPORTED file (not reccommended !)